Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Question of the Week

What are you thankful for right now?

Bernadette says: Carrie Contey, collaboration, a healthy family, chilly fall days, a five day weekend.

Carrie says: Bernadette Noll, warm wooly sweaters, Thanksgiving with 40 of my favorite friends (almost half of them under the age of 10), non-stop learning,  love love and more love.

OK, your turn. In a comment below, tell us your thoughts.


Average Jane Crafter said...

Right at this very moment, I'm thankful for my snuggly 4 year old boy (head on my shoulder as I type), looking forward to a very low-key thanksgiving with just our four-family, and sunny-but-cool fall afternoons. :)

Kami said...

Oh, so much! So grateful for two boys who have suddenly been playing like best friends constantly for the last two days, for the huge toothless drooly grins from my adorable little soft and fluffy littlest one, for a near-to-perfect fall day in the backyard with my kids with near-to-none irritations, for my happy-to-the-very-last-moment Bourbon Red heritage turkey in the fridge, for lots of appreciation and enthusiasm coming my way for what I have to offer this world, and for just a bountiful lot of good luck and good friends I have in this life. Mega-gratitude on this Dia de Gracias.

Sylvia said...

Right now...I am thankful for my Central Texas winter garden with its abundant greens, delicate peas, months of promise and possibility stretching ahead. I am thankful for the tiny person, my son, asleep in the bed right now, and for his healthy chunky snugalicious body. I am thankful for the time to be with him, for my family, for that treetop I see from bed in the mornings, yellow leaves catching the sunrise. Thankful thankful thankful!

Lydia said...

family, friendship, personal growth, and laughter

Rebecca Lacko said...

I'm thankful I found your blog. I'm thankful for my husband, whose generosity knows no limits, my boys, who actually think I am pretty cool, the roof over our heads, hugs, love, and laughter.